Corporate Profile


Safety represents a commitment to protect our employees, customers, and the public. Our corporate safety program is well known throughout the industry and assures that our safety performance is a result of continual evaluation and implementation of company.

This policy statement concerns the health and safety of all our own employees and Sub-contractors and site workers. It states Thai Shinryo Limited’s commitment to adopt the concept of accident prevention by all levels of management and to provide such information, training and supervision as needed for such purpose.


Thai Shinryo Limited regards health and safety at work as a matter of high priority. Safety is the responsibility of all staff. It is a requirement that all employees of the each Company and its Sub-Contractors have to comply with requirements as laid down in the Company’s Safety Management Plan.

Our safety slogan is “Think Safety Before Action”.

Quality is defined by the customer. Thai Shinryo Limited understands that the term “Quality Assurance” requires corrective action and accountability. True continuous improvement is a result of systematic planning, execution, coordination and verification.

Thai Shinryo Limited is committed to fulfill its obligations on all services to meet customer’s needs and expectations and continual improvement of service quality. To satisfy this need, Thai Shinryo Limited operates a quality management system comply to ISO 9001 and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The following are policies to achieve this need in every area of company operations, which is communicated, understood and implemented by all Thai Shinryo Limited’s personnel.

“Fulfill the customer’s requirement and provide reliable system.”